Window Styles

Selecting the best replacement window styles for your home!

Tilt-Wash/Double Hung

Double hung replacement windows have two moveable sashes—they can be raised from the bottom, or lowered from the top. Both sashes can be tilted inwards for easy cleaning.


Casement windows are attached (or hinged) to one side of the frame and open by swinging out from your home.

Bays & Bows

A bay window typically has a fixed middle window, with side windows that open. Bow windows are usually four or more windows joined together to create a curve.


Sliding or Gliding windows are horizontal with sashes that independently slide from side to side.

End Vent Sliding

The End Vent Window has a Large viewing area with sashes to the left and right that slide.

Garden Windows

Letting sunlight in on four sides, garden windows are the perfect place to grow your favorite plants or fresh spices. Side-lites open up for ventilation.


Awning windows hinge at the top and crank outward with the same mechanics and security as casement windows.

Picture and Shaped Windows

Non-operating, or fixed, windows that provide maximum viewing and light.

Basement Windows

Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward at the top. A smart option for adding ventilation in a basement.

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