Comfort Smart Windows

A Beautiful Design To Rely On

Comfort Smart Windows  – Benefits That Endure.

You won’t get the full effect of a ComfortSmart window just by seeing its exterior. Look a little closer and you’ll find many benefits inside the frame working together to create a perfectly comfortable home.


Available as an option, our patented SmartCore insulation can be added to just the frame or to all primary frame and sash cavities. This high-density insulation provides a NFRC determined R-Value of 7.25* per inch of thickness. SmartCore insulation provides almost two times the insulating properties of typical fiberglass insulation, making ComfortSmart windows more efficient and your home more comfortable.
*7.25 hr ft2 °F/BTU – Thermal Conductivity (k) Table B.1 (R-Value based on a thickness of 1″)

Glass Solutions

Performance Glass Options: The sealed insulating glass is the heart and soul of this engineered window solution. You’ll find a wide selection of options in both EnergyGuard and SmartGuard glass packages to meet your needs, bringing you beautiful views and a comfortable home year round.
Optimal Performing Spacer Systems: While the glass package is the heart and soul, the patented spacer system options provide the foundation for premium performance and structural integrity. Choose EnergyEdge, EnergyEdge+ or our maximum performing EnergyTek to create a window that makes your home more energy efficient.

Fusion-Welded Frames

The frame and sash on ComfortSmart windows are 100% fusion welded for superior sealing against air and water infiltration. To ensure long-term performance, screws and mechanical fasteners are never used.

Comfort Smart Windows Fusion-Welded Frames

Extruded Screens

Extruded aluminum screens are removable from inside the home for easy cleaning. Available in half or full screens, Fiberglass Mesh is standard. Aluminum Mesh, Solar Block Screen, Optimal Viewing Screen and Pet Resistant Screen (patio doors only) are also available as an option.

Extruded Screens Extruded aluminum screens are removable from inside the home

Added Strength

RigidCore Fiberglass Reinforcement: ComfortSmart double hung and sliding windows feature optional RigidCore fiberglass reinforcement in the meeting rail, providing strength to keep your windows performing like new for years.

RigidCore Fiberglass Reinforcement

Locking System

ComfortSmart windows come standard with a flush-mounted cam lock and easy-to-use tilt latches. To create a more elegant look, choose EZLok, our all-in-one lock that secures and locks windows with one motion. When released, it allows the sash to easily tilt in for safe cleaning.

ComfortSmart windows come standard with a flush-mounted cam lock and easy-to-use tilt latches.

EZLok one turn Lock and Latch.

Lock the sashes together for a weathertight seal or unlock them to tilt in for easy cleaning – all with a single lock. Our integrated lock/tilt feature conceals the tilt latches and mirrors the look of traditional wood window hardware.

Highly efficient windows with high standards.

Energy Efficient Windows Installed By Thermal Shield Windows Michigan

Highly efficient windows with high standards. ComfortSmart windows are built to resist the heat and cold, offering four-season comfort. Need proof? We meet or exceed the current standards for ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 requirements in all 50 states and can exceed requirements for the Northern Zone, by up to 48% with select glass packages.

Windows with a low U-Factor and a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating help to provide comfort all year long. Below are four common ratings that are provided for windows certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). These are some of the same ratings that are used to certify products.

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A measure of the rate of heat flow through a window. The greater a window’s resistance to heat flow the better its insulating properties. A lower U-Factor indicates a higher performing window that can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

U-Factor A measure of the rate of heat flow through a window.

Visible Light Transmittance (VT)

The measure of how much light passes through a window.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

The amount of solar radiation allowed to pass through a window. The lower the number, the less solar heat gain the window permits.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

Structural-Design Pressure (DP)

The amount of wind pressure a window will withstand when closed and locked.

Light Fade Control

Keep interior colors bold and bright.

Letting in a little sunshine is great – until it fades everything inside your home. Our windows feature spectrally-selective Low-E coatings that let in the sun’s light while reducing fading by partially reflecting damaging UV rays and acting as a sunscreen for furnishings and floors. The result is a more comfortable home year round.

Efficient Glass Design

Double- or triple-pane glass units with our high-performance Low-E coatings make our windows more energy efficient. When we fill the air space between the panes with argon or krypton gas, our windows can reach up to nine times the insulation value of single-pane windows.

Low-E Options

With Low-E coating options, ComfortSmart windows work to your advantage throughout every season. If you live in a Northern climate zone, EnergyGuard glass systems can keep your home comfy and can help lower heating bills in the winter. How? By allowing some of the sun’s heat energy to enter the home to provide passive and free home heating while reducing the heat that escapes from the home.

The same goes for keeping cool in the summer heat. Instead of blocking out the sun with dark drapes or blinds, our Low-E coatings block the sun’s damaging rays and reflect heat, keeping your sunny rooms more comfortable. In fact, our glass insulation and Low-E coatings can help block the majority of the sun’s damaging UV rays. This means more protection from fading for your furnishings, carpets and floors, and more comfort for you.

Energy Guard Light Fade Control
Noise Reducing Windows

Volume control for the outdoors.

Traffic. Barking dogs. Booming nightlife. There are thousands of things that can interrupt the peace and quiet of your home. But with the right windows, you can help keep the noisy world outside.

Best in Sound Transmission Class (STC)

The most widely recognized measurement for sound control is STC. The higher the number, the more effective a window is at preventing outside noise from entering your home. While standard windows are rated at 26 or less, ComfortSmart sound control glass offers up to a STC rating of 33*. So if it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for, our windows deliver.
* STC rating is dependent on type of glass package specified.

4 Ways Our Insulating Glass Units (IGU) Block Out Noise:

    • Thicker Glass Like a thick wall, thicker glass helps to reduce sound better than thin glass. You can upgrade the thickness of your glass on any of our glass packages to help reduce outside noise.
    • Asymmetrical Construction Glass panels of different thicknesses in our IGUs block a greater range of sound waves than panels of the same thickness. One panel blocks low-frequency sounds and the other blocks high-frequency sounds.
    • Laminated Glass Specifying laminated glass in ComfortSmart windows helps absorb sound waves to prevent sound traveling through the glass.
    • Wider Air Space The air space between our glass panels also helps block sound. The wider the air space in an IGU, the better at reducing noise levels.
ComfortSmart sound control glass offers up to a STC rating of 33*. So if it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for, our windows deliver.

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