Picture & Special Shaped Windows

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Picture and Shaped Windows

Replacement Picture Windows Installed in Michigan

Want A Great View? Picture It!

Enhance your home’s personality with picture or shaped windows. These windows are often decorative centerpieces, which is why they are frequently placed in living rooms or other spaces where people gather. Because these windows do not open, it’s not uncommon to install single or double hung windows nearby, allowing for the creation of interesting architectural elements and the ability to bring fresh air into a room.

Replacement picture windows will create a unique view for any home. There is nothing like a large, expansive window to bring in a flood of light and open up a room with a great view of the outdoors.

You can pick between different wood grain finishes so that your shaped or picture window replacement matches your home and your style. Vinyl picture windows and shaped windows can be installed alone or alongside other windows to create beautiful and functional designs.

Window profiles can be made into many dynamic geometric shapes. Use your imagination to design the window of your dreams and customize is just for you. From half-round to trapezoid, our vinyl replacement windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a perfect fit in any room.

Despite the sometimes large size of picture windows, or the various shaped window options, these windows are still extremely energy efficient because they have no operable parts, which eliminates the main cause of air infiltration.

EZLok one turn Lock and Latch.

Lock the sashes together for a weathertight seal or unlock them to tilt in for easy cleaning – all with a single lock. Our integrated lock/tilt feature conceals the tilt latches and mirrors the look of traditional wood window hardware.

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