Michigan Awning & Basement Windows

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Awning Windows

Awning Windows.

Awning Windows are hung horizontally with hinges on the top, allowing them to open outward. Not to be confused with basement windows, which are hinged at the bottom and swing inward. Awning replacement windows open easily and smoothly with a crank handle. Replacement awning windows can provide protection from the rain, even when wide open. Awning windows can be mixed with casement windows and picture windows to create dramatic sight lines and window combinations.

Basement Windows.

Basement Windows, sometimes called Hopper Windows, are popular for small spaces like basement rooms and small bathrooms. They’re hinged at the bottom and open at the top for more air ventilation. These windows add both safety and great viewing points allowing natural light into your home. Would you like to let in natural light while keeping your privacy? Using the Frosted Glass option will help you achieve this.

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