Blown-in Insulation for Michigan Homes

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Insulation Installation

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Blown-in insulation is the most popular insulation in Michigan and is more versatile during installation than non-blown-in insulation. If you have an older or historic home, blown-in insulation is generally the best to type use. There is very little to no mess during installation and you can obtain better coverage for optimum energy savings and insulating. Call us today to discuss the benefits of this product.

Your Local Michigan Insulation Company

Insulation for your Michigan Home

Owens Corning blown-in insulation, is made of PINK FIBERGLAS™ Insulation and is used in just about every type of home. Blown-in insulation is great for insulating hard to get at spaces such as inside walls and low attics. Fiber glass insulation is not combustible and is not corrosive by nature, this blow-in insulation offers significant advantages over other blown insulation products. At Thermal Shield, we only use the best products available, from our windows to our insulation and fence materials you can rest assured you are getting only the highest quality products available.

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